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Neck protection Scoyco N03


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Scoyco N03 neck protection, thanks to the emphasis in the back and a rigid base provides the maximum level of protection.

The back extended part of motorcycle protection protects vertebrae of cervical department. The material of the outer upholstery – husky, soft and pleasant to the touch, does not cause discomfort during long trips and does not rub. Neck protection for a motorcyclist is perfect for both city trips and motocross.

Protection prevents a sharp throwing of the head in extreme situations and, as a consequence, neck injuries; The size of a protector is universal. On the side there is a Velcro fastener with volume adjustment; The cover can be machine washed, the fabric dries quickly. The rider’s neck is the most unprotected and fragile part of the body. The gap between the motorcycle jacket and the helmet is a serious neglect of one’s own safety. Cervical vertebrae are easy to injure even without direct mechanical impact, especially fans of the cross and enduro class should think about it.

The average weight of a motorcycle helmet is 1500 grams, due to which the load on the cervical spine during long trips on a motorcycle is quite significant. Neck protection can reduce this load and protect motorcyclists even in the most extreme situations.


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